You should be aware of these seven types of fibromyalgia pain

You hear a lot about “the pain of fibromyalgia,” but those of us with fibromyalgia (FMS) experience different types of pain. Medically speaking, just pain deFibromyalgie Types I speak here have names and definitions. But just as the Eskimos have words for snow, I think we need to name and define the different ways of categorizing our pain. I have some of my own classes, made on the basis of my experience and conversations with other Fibromites. My hope is that understanding of medical terms will help us communicate better with physicians, while my classes help you understand your illness and let them know you are not alone.


Fibromyalgia Pain Types The first three types of pain are medically defined Fibromyalgia:

  • hyperalgesia
  • allodynie
  • painful paresthesia

The four types of pain of fibromyalgia following are my own creation, which is evident by name. these terms do not mean a doctor of fibromyalgia (unless you want to be considered crazy), but these labels can help you maintain your body quirks, triggers, models, etc. more

Knife in the voodoo
randomly wandering pain Fibromyalgia
sparkler burns
nerves Rattled

First, our medical Types defined Fibromyalgia pain.

Hyperalgesia:  “Hyper” means excess and “algesia” means pain. Hyperalgesia is the medical term for pain amplification in FMS. Our brains seem normal to take pain signals Fibromyalgia “increase volume”, which makes them heavier than they normally would. And if you say brain seriously hurt, guess what: it really severe.Most drugs used to manage FMS pain for at least in part to reduce hyperalgesia.


Allodynia:  Your skin is painful to the touch? A symptom that baffles many of us allodynia. This is what he calls light pressure massage or soft clothing provides fibromyalgia pain.
Many people describe as allodynia like a bad sunburn. Allodynia is quite rare types of fibromyalgia pain -Other than FMS, it is only associated with a few conditions, including neuropathy, post – herpetic neuralgia (shingles), and migraine. Allodynia is supposed to be a hypersensitivity reaction that can result from central sensitization associated with FMS. The pain signals from specialized nerves, called nociceptors, which contains information on issues such as temperature and feel painful stimuli directly to the skin.

Painful paresthesia:   paresthesia odd nerve sensations that can feel like crawling, stinging, burning, itching or numbness. Sometimes these feelings can be painful. Paresthesias have also been associated with peripheral neuropathy, chemotherapy drugs, multiple sclerosis and migraine headaches. Many treatments can help relieve FMS related to joint pain paresthesia, including selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake (SSRIs) and inhibitors of reuptake of serotonin-norepinephrine (SNRI). Some people have success with vitamin B12, capsaicin cream, massage and acupuncture.its very difficult to live with painful paresthesia  , Which is a kind of types of pain of fibromyalgia.


My own pain Categories:   Again, these categories are not medically recognized, they are things that I fell into a hole the way we classify the different types of filling fibromyalgia pain.
They are designed to help you follow the signs, measure the effectiveness of treatments, and to let you know that you are not crazy.

Knife in the voodoo doll:  Sometimes, out of nowhere, I’ll get a shot of dagger intense pain of fibromyalgia seems to cut through my body, a very painful form of the types of pain of fibromyalgia. I have described this as a fireplace poker in the ribs or impaled on a spear.For me voodoo doll pain is often an early warning system of my body. He told me I should stop what I am doing and rest. Other times, I do not know why usually get this pain in my chest or abdomen strikes.I, but some people say that they get in other parts of body.It can be so intense that I can double and to be more trouble breathing. It usually disappears after a few as minutes.I have no idea how to avoid this type of pain of fibromyalgia, but me – same stimulation. (If I could find … plush doll.)


Sparkler Burns:   A 4th of July, when I was young, I hung a too long asterisk and some sparks hit my hand. They caused little pain sensations almost identical bites I get now regularly.Sparkler-burning fibromyalgia pain startled me and scratching the wounds tactile allodynia. These feelings usually take only a few seconds. I do not know what triggers to avoid or how.

Nerves rattled:   Most people do not understand why I call it a kind of fibromyalgia pain, but I’m sure he gets the most Fibromites things tend to get my body on edge, nervous and feel disconcerted. It hurts me everywhere, and sometimes I get nausea, dizziness and anxious.Things my nerves vibrate typically involve sensory or emotional overload, such as certain chaos of sounds (repetitive, loud, shrill, network) visual (crowds, lights turn signals, busy patterns) stressful situations (traffic, confrontations have caused confusion or disorientation fibro fog) when my nerves were chattering, I try to get out of the position as soon as possible and relax, preferably in a place quiet.


Living with pain:  It is difficult to live with all kinds of pain of fibromyalgia, especially when it is unpredictable. The more you learn about devotre pain and triggers, you are better able to manage it.Finding the right set of treatment takes time and experimentation, but many of us find significant relief.

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