What all have fibromyalgia should know about taking a shower

Lets take a fibromyalgia SHOWER make another COMPREHENSIVE activity?

For most people who do not live with chronic pain, a morning shower helps you feel refreshed, awake and ready for the day. Unfortunately, this is not the experience that many people with fibromyalgia have. It seems a small thing, but when you live with this condition, even taking a shower in the morning can be exhausting.

A shower can be very physically demanding for someone battling fibromyalgia, causing pain, fatigue and making it difficult to do anything else but to recover the rest of the day.

There are four reasons WHY CAN CAUSE take a shower exhaustion among fibromyalgia patients:

Physical Effort  : The people with fibromyalgia struggle with almost constant fatigue, and even the simplest physical activities can be extremely take. Showering requires more physical effort than most people. Think about it: you are standing, stretching, bending, to  achieve and so  on. For someone with fibromyalgia, it can be very difficult.

Relaxation  : A warm bath can be relaxing, but if you fight fatigue and difficulty waking up in the first place, relaxation may be exactly what you do not.
Sensitivity Temperature: sensitivity to  temperature is a common symptom of fibromyalgia and get into a hot bath can throw your balance the  temperature and it is  difficult to  cool down to the  bottom, leaving the sweating and exhausted afterwards.

Vertigo  : Dizziness is another common problem for fibro people and displacing the combined shower with hot water can make it very difficult to keep the balance. Nobody wants to have vertigo or take a fall when you’re in the shower, which can be a truly frightening experience.

sensitive nerves  : If you have an overactive nervous system (like that –  you do if you have fibro), the feeling of the water hitting the shower can be painful in it –  even or the  cause to be particularly sensitive to the rest of the day by  taking the  pain in the body.


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