Weed Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Would You Try This?

A pharmaceutical company has created a game changer for sufferers of a certain condition: weed gum for fibromyalgia.

Living with fibromyalgia is hell, but fortunately, medical weed can help. As a  chronic disorder that causes severe pressure and pain on tender points of the body, fibromyalgia also includes a slew of other symptoms. There is no known cure for the condition, but many people use medicinal cannabis to help manage their symptoms. Consuming medical weed by smoking it may cause these patients other health complications, but thankfully there’s a smokeless form of relief that seems to be on the horizon: weed gum for fibromyalgia.

The Story Behind Weed Gum For Fibromyalgia

So, what exactly is this chewable treat? And how does weed gum for fibromyalgia possibly have better benefits for patients who could use it?

The product, named MedChewRx, is a cannabis-infused gum. The product has been developed and designed by AMIX Biotech, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to all things cannabinoid bioscience. That includes research and product development.

AMIX Biotech, in turn, seems to be cornering the niche market on innovative ways to create cannabidiol (CBD) and medicinal THC products that don’t require inhaling smoke.

All things considered, it’s pragmatism at its best. It’s common knowledge that cannabis can be a godsend when it comes to alleviating pain. Similarly, medical weed is good at treating other chronic conditions that are similar to fibromyalgia, like arthritis or (arguably) Crohn’s Disease. So why not create a product tailored to treat fibromyalgia?

Until now, there has never been a cannabis product specifically targeted for fibromyalgia sufferers. With that said, this new weed gum for fibromyalgia owes its existence to a predecessor.

In 2013, AMIX Biotech released CanChew, a vitamin-infused, cannabidiol CBD-based gum, was designed and launched with an aim to treat a diverse array of disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain. Eventually, CanChew gained media attention and was featured in news publications and programs nationwide.

MedChewRx: Weed Gum for Fibromyalgia and a New Frontier

Which brings us to MedChewRx. So what exactly makes the gum so effective? And how does it differ from CanChew?

According to Daily Health Post, the medicinal effects of the gum is nearly instantaneous due to the way it’s (more or less) ingested. The beneficial composites contained within a piece of MedChewRx are absorbed through soft tissue in the mouth.

Scientifically known as the oral mucosa, this soft tissue, as well as the acidic juices in the mouth, help break down these compounds for easier osmosis into the blood stream. In short: the weed gum alleviates symptoms at a faster rate than standard medication.

And unlike CanChew, MedChewRx contains 5mg of both THC and CBD.  Due to the dosage, it doubles-down on pain relief and mollifies anxiety relief and memory loss. More than that, it actually helps stimulate the mind and protects against nerve damage. Not too shabby, right?

Final Hit: Would You Try Weed Gum for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

Unfortunately, AMIX Biotech’s MedChewRx is still in its early stages in clinical trial limbo. This means, of course, it might be awhile until weed gum for fibromyalgia hits the market.


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