Tramadol: a painkiller with formidable side effects

Tramadol, a drug that replaces Di-Antalvic, would have significant side effects. This painkiller would provoke a strong addiction, reveals this Wednesday Le Parisien.

Since Di-Antalvic was withdrawn from the market in March 2011, Tramadol has been adopted by millions of patients. This painkiller derived from opium is very popular for calming back pain and joint pain. It could, however, have formidable side effects. To the point that the French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) decided to monitor it.

The Tramadol molecule is present in France in the generic of the same name and in twenty drugs, including Tropalgic, Contramal or Ixprim. But the side effects of the miracle drug are worrying: vomiting, sleep disorders, disorientation and ” significant addiction of a portion of patients, ” warned Le Parisien in its edition dated Wednesday, January 25.

In France, first overdoses in 2010

One-third of the eight million regular users of Di-Antalvic have been reporting on stronger drugs such as Tramadol over the past two years. More than 12 million boxes were sold last year, an increase of 30%.

Yet patients have been victims of overdoses since 2010 in France. ”  Nobody had warned me of addictive effects. I increased the doses and I became completely addicted,  “says the  Parisian  patient of 26 years. He decided to wean himself off at the price of ”  ten days of nightmare  ” after having a ”  black hole of several minutes  ” in front of his TV.

In the Middle East: devastating effects

In Egypt in Libya or Gaza, Tramadiol would be used as a real drug. The tablet of ten tablets is bought in pharmacies for five dollars. Its virtues: delay ejaculation, give energy, “”  forget the problems  “, testifies in the columns of daily life, a young man of 22 years, who uses it for four years.

Regular users suffer from depression, fatigue, or kidney or bowel problems. In short, the miracle drug looks like a poison.

Since then, other health scandals have broken out: the  depakine  responsible for malformations in the fetus and disorders such as autism; the  pick ; In  distilbene , girls in treated patients have twice the risk of cancer. Added to this is the recent list of  ineffective  or even dangerous drugs , sold without prescription against winter diseases such as coughs or colds.

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