The biggest problem of fibromyalgia

If you suffer from this disease, as you read the title of this article, you will be able to think of many things that may be the worst symptom of fibromyalgia. Shortly after a boat, I can think of acute migraine, muscle pain, memory loss, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, tremor.

There is something worse that affects all of us who suffer from it, and that’s the wrong information about it.

Don’t doubt anything will hurt us any more than that.

The fact that there are very few studies on the subject and that it is a disease so unknown to the society:

Don’t believe you: how many times you hear FM in your mind, not a real pain, you hear nothing, you don’t feel like leaving, you’re very vag FM

It is very difficult to detect: there are no 100% reliable specific tests and most doctors connect their symptoms to other different diseases.

It is not considered incompetent: if you could really show everything that caused both physically and mentally, many people would be disqualified (even for normal occupation). 
No treatment: if you had more work and more investment to know what caused fibromyalgia, it is possible to have a cure for it today.

This does not even have a decent treatment: more. How is it possible that we cannot completely reduce FM symptoms in the XXI century? Easy, because we don’t know!

Even your relatives come back to you: It is even understandable that we cannot do everything we want, even the people who are closest to us, leave us aside and never have to. 
In addition to all this, even the terrible signs know little about us. The psychological pain that all this provokes us is infinitely large Bütün

The best we can do to fight against fibromyalgia is, of course, to report to as many people as possible.

We have prepared a special guide so that everyone can see what they contain, what their symptoms are, etc. You can understand. You can access it here.

It is advisable to share some articles that you think will be interesting to begin to be a disease that will be at the highest level of the population.

In addition to the guideline, we emphasize that they may be of interest:

Family Guide 
I know this is not for what I am telling 
people to 
know what others are like FM with FM suffering (in any mood to make it viral) FM 
Fibromyalgia (our home page) 
At least I read this article Thank you relief! 🙂


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