Swelling and fibromyalgia

Understanding Fibromyalgia Swelling

SwellingMany times, medical professionals diagnose arthritis, when in fact swelling and inflammation is actually due to fibromyalgia. However, as mentioned above, there is an important difference between the two: arthritis affects the joints, while swelling and inflammation due to fibromyalgia does not. Since inflammation in people with fibromyalgia is not in the joints, it may look more like edema. Most of the time, those who are experiencing this type of swelling also complain that the skin in those inflamed areas turns red-but this is not always the case.

Although inflammation related to fibromyalgia can occur in almost any part of the body, which is most commonly found in the feet and hands. Most of the time, those who report swelling of their feet often report that the swelling extends to their legs. Some people have even reported that their swelling is only on some of their toes.

The inflammation related to fibromyalgia can disappear and appear without even a warning. It can last a couple of hours, days or weeks at a time. Sometimes, individuals even report that their feet swell up so big that they can not wear their shoes. If you are experiencing this level of bloating, you should know that there are some things you can do to counteract this.

As mentioned before, many people believe that the inflammation and swelling associated with fibromyalgia is directly related to the level of stress in an individual’s life.Therefore, if you have fibromyalgia and you are suffering from swelling due to your disorder, you will have to do what you can to reduce- or even totally avoid stress- in your personal life. In addition, resting a lot can help reduce or prevent inflammation.


Have you noticed a correlation between stress and the amount of inflammation you have? I do not have, but I’ll be on the look out to determine a trend now that I know.


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