Sad fact of life with fibromyalgia and chronic pain

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
You know that feeling you experience when you walk into a room and you can not even begin to remember why you went there? This is what it’s like to have brain fog due to severe chronic pain illness. On bad days, I leave behind a trail of unfinished tasks, deserters wandering my apartment for some reason I can not remember. I usually find my way back to what I left unfinished, watching through the eyes tired, and a fog of confusion. If not, then my husband will usually find evidence of my strange brain fog and fatigue throughout our home.en brain fog (or fibro fog) is only one aspect of my severe chronic pain. There are nearly countless other symptoms that have made their way into my life since I was diagnosed with early onset of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. In this post I will share some downright unpleasant realities of living with chronic diseases and chronic pain

the sad reality of living with chronic pain disease:

1. Living with chronic pain means taking care of yourself can be a full time job – one that people do not understand because it does not come with a salary or 401 (k ).

2. This means that you occasionally need help to dress, even if you’re only 26 years old.

3. We must learn new words like “theory” (spoon and then learn how to explain them to others)

4. This means having to ask your “husband” completely wild on how to do household chores like cleaning the stove and put away laundry, because you often can not finish them.

5. Living with multiple illnesses severe chronic pain means that a specialist could refuse you as a patient because you have a certain illness (fibromyalgia) despite the fact that you ask to see it for another (osteoarthritis).

6. This means that you can spend to buy groceries and cook a meal, just not on the same day.

7. Living with chronic pain often means having painsomnia. – ie d, being unable to sleep because you are too evil. It also means being more pain because you do not sleep, thus initiating the painsomnia cycle.

8. Living with a chronic illness means you are often targeted by people who think they have the supplement, food, essential oil or treatment that will cure you.

9. It means the pride you feel from having a productive day can be suddenly swept away by waves of Severe Chronic pain because, actually, you did too much.

10. You’ll gradually learn that you need to rest before you go to a meeting, because if you wait until after than you’ll need twice as long to recover.

11. Life as a chronically ill person inevitably leads to unexpected, embarrassing situations that leave you at the bottom of an emotional roller coaster.

12. It means you might quit your job (or lose it). Then, since you don’t go to work every day like other people due to Severe Chronic pain, you may find yourself defending your daily routine to complete strangers.

13. It is to sell your guitar because you do not have the grip and dexterity in the fingers to play because of chronic pain.

14. This means asking your spouse to do too much for you.

15. It makes you laugh at sayings that you are now ridiculous, like “Just do it” or “chronic pain is weakness leaving the body.”

16. It feels like your severe chronic pain illness (es) are trying to steal your health, your entertainment, your money (spending on health care and possibly the loss of income), and even your sanity at time.

17. This means you have to learn methods to something that seems impossible to deal with (especially if you are young).

18. Life with severe chronic pain means that you consider moving into a house, because it is a reality of the new life you live.

19. You panic when you go by yourself, because you do not know if you can handle severe chronic pain on your own.

20. This often means experiencing feelings of depression or pain on the lifestyle that you have lost.

21. It can mean being seen as lazy because you can not handle physical activity.

22. Life as a person can make you do things like pushing your limits when you travel because you definitely want to make the most of those rare moments when you’re not in bed all day.

23. This means need two days to recover from an activity that does not give anyone else the douleur.24. This means that reading new books, watch news television, and spending too much time on social media because they are things you can do in the comfort of your couch or bed25. It means to place first, even when friends and family may have misunderstood reacts negatively, or become angry against you.

26. Living with chronic pain disease can mean that the door of the things you would never have stopped if we gave you a choice.

27. It must decide whether to live with the horrible side effects of your chronic severe back pain or the terrible pain you have without it. It can also mean removal through the worst crisis of your life when you decide you can not handle the horrible side effects mentioned.

28. This means having to replace the cute apartments to baskets.29. This means that you need to be committed to your chronic sexual life and find appropriate ways to push your past, fatigue and chronic pain.30. This means bouncing a support group to another, but it also means that you will be incredibly grateful to finally find one that’s right for you.

31. This means rewriting, instructions for healthy people of a person with severe chronic pain.

32. Unfortunately, this often means that you feel hopeless, disconsolate and lost.

33. But it also means that you have reached a new level of resilience. You became a warrior severe chronic pain who knows what it is to experience severe chronic pain win. Your illness has taught you how to prioritize things and people that really matter to vous.Vos periodic breakthroughs will remind you of who you are and why you continue the fight.


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