43 Fibromyalgia Symptoms – Anyone with muscle pain should read this

This article was written by Julie Hambleton, fitness and nutrition expert and co-founder of the Taste Archives.    In the United States, between three and six million people, or one in fifty, suffer from fibromyalgia, a debilitating syndrome characterized by pain experienced throughout the body with no obvious cause. Although people often don’t get better with … Read more

Fibromyalgia is now considered a lifelong disease of the central nervous system

Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind osteoarthritis and is still largely unrecognized. It is now believed to be a lifelong disorder of the central nervous system responsible for increasing pain in the body. Daniel Clauw, MD, professor of anesthesiology at the University of Michigan, examined the neurological basis of fibromyalgia in a plenary lecture … Read more

How Swearing Helps Fibromyalgia Pain

A new study suggests that using bad words can actually help in dealing with pain. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, this may somehow benefit you in certain ways. Results of the Study The study investigating the connection between swearing and pain was published in the journal NeuroReport. The experiment was conducted by comparing the amount … Read more

Do you lose strength in your hands? Fibromyalgia sufferers do

A common feature that most fibromyalgia sufferers present is a diffuse pain that affects a large part of the body. This disconcerting symptom is usually accompanied by morning joint stiffness, paresthesias in the hands and feet, ie tingling sensation and numbness, sleep disturbances and above all a feeling of tiredness and fatigue that accompanies them … Read more

Please, do not roll your eyes when I tell you that I have fibromyalgia

I usually do not tell people that I have  fibromyalgia  because this admission is usually accompanied by the eye turning. Fibromyalgia is a unique disease in which many people, including doctors, believe that we are inventing it. In your mind, fibromyalgia does not exist. Everything is in our heads. We need advice, or we are looking for drugs. People who live … Read more

49 Fibromyalgia Symptoms – Anyone with muscle pain should read this

In America, between three and six million people, or one in every fifty, suffer from fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by debilitating pain throughout the body without any obvious cause. Although people often improve over time, it is often something they will have to face for life. If you have chronic muscle pain, however, it does not … Read more