I’m tired of being sick with fibromyalgia

Having a chronic condition like fibromyalgia is a problem for you, especially when you have a lot of other things like mine. It grows and shrinks, but it never disappears, at least it does not suit me. For the moment, I must say that it is as serious as ever. My level of pain

Because of fibromyalgia I have so much reduced that even my positive attitude suffers. I am so sick of being sick with fibromyalgia. My only escape is the dream that I sleep, but now the pain of fibromyalgia distorts my dreams and now I can not even escape. I wake up so badly that I want to scream just to move. I am so tired when I get up and when I went to bed. The relief seems to escape me these days.


Get more exercise, that’s what they say. They do not know how difficult it is to do when every movement makes you want to tan with the pain caused by fibromyalgia. When you walk a certain distance, the spine feels like it collapses and disintegrates. I do what I can, I walk short distances, I lift my legs in the chair, but it’s difficult. I would like others to understand how hard it is to lose weight. I’m really trying. Without being as active as you want, it is very difficult to do. I know that my weight, taken after getting sick, makes it worse. It also aggravates my self-image, which does not help things. I wish I could lose it and I try hard.

Take your medicine I do it, I promise, as they told me, but it does not help me enough. I miss them and I was lucky not to spend the day in a ball on the floor, so I know they help, but they do not do enough. There must be something to help me return my life. The Depression? Of course, I am fighting depression. When no part of your body does not hurt all the time, you may also be depressed. I think those of us who work with that are a lot stronger than people are telling us.

I can not even eat without experiencing symptoms. I eat something, make me run to the bathroom. There is not a single aspect of life that fibromyalgia disease or the multitude of coexisting conditions do not touch. You call that, there is a bad effect that goes with it. The symptoms feed on each other and each one aggravates the others. I try to stay positive. I know it will happen and I will feel better, but even then I will not feel well. I’m lucky, but there is still pain in fibromyalgia, depression, stomach problems, and so on. However, there are better times when I can do more and enjoy more, but what should I do in the meantime? I am exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m losing hope that good days will come and relief will be found. I must not let myself be so, I must always believe that there is hope, but for now, it’s difficult. I have to keep the idea that this will happen too. I just hope it’s going fast.

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