How to understand the “ups and downs” in FIBROMIALGIA

Most people with chronic diseases are always sick. The effects on the cancer of the body, a virus or a degenerative disease are fairly constant. The confusion is understandable when you see someone with fibromyalgia who can not do anything on Monday, but who can do it perfectly on Wednesday.

Look at it this way: hormones fluctuate, and things like weight and blood pressure can go up and down for a day, a week or a month. All systems and substances in the body work in this way, and down in response to different situations.
Research shows conclusively that fibromyalgia involves several abnormal levels of hormones and other substances. Because these things go from top to bottom, sometimes we are within the normal range and sometimes not. The more things are outside the normal area, the worse it will feel.

Understanding reactions to stress
Some people think that we are emotionally unable to cope with stress because a stressful situation usually worsens the symptoms.
The important thing is to understand that we respond to stress emotionally and physically. A physical response, which includes an increase in adrenaline and other hormones that help put your body on the road so you can cope with what is happening.

People with fibromyalgia do not have enough stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), which makes the reaction in your body difficult and can trigger symptoms.

Also, when we talk about “stress” we generally understand that it is emotional, that it may come from your job, a tight schedule or a personal conflict. Many things cause physical stress, such as illness, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies and injuries. Physical stress can have the same effect as emotional stress.

understanding of fatigue
I think for a moment that I was not tired, but really exhausted. Maybe he was up all night studying an exam. Maybe you have several times to feed a baby or care for a sick child. Maybe you have the flu or the strep.

Imagine being so exhausted all day while you try to work, take care of children, clean the house, prepare dinner, etc. For most people, one or two nights of sleep that feeling disappears.
In fibromyalgia, there are sleep disorders so it is rare to sleep a good night’s sleep. We may have one of the following sleep disorders:

Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or falling asleep)
Inability to sleep or sleep deeply
Sleep apnea (respiratory disorders that can wake up several times)
Restless legs syndrome (sudden movements of the extremities that hinder sleep)
Periodic movement disorder of the legs limbs (involuntary rhythmic muscle contractions that prevent deep sleep)

In a nutshell
Many diseases that involve a part of the body or a system. Fibromyalgia, however, involves the whole body and everything can be out of control. As strangers, they can be confusing and varied symptoms, which are related to very physical real causes.
This disease can be an educated, ambitious, hardworking and tireless person, who steals your ability to work, housework, exercise, think clearly and never feel awake or healthy.
It’s not psychological, “burn-head syndrome” or depression!
This is not laziness!

He is not whining or simulating!
It is the result of a generalized dysfunction in the body and brain that is difficult to understand, difficult to treat and, until now, impossible to cure.
However, the most difficult thing for patients, should live with that. The support and understanding of the people in your life can make it that much easier.

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