Finally, Morgan Freeman opens his “fight” on fibromyalgia

Occasionally, he takes his left shoulder and shuddered. It hurts me when he walks, when he sits when he rises from his bed, and when it happens in a wet meadow. More it hurts. It seems a kind of agony, but he never mentions it. There are times when you can not help show that the consequences of a car accident four years ago, in which the car that stole and is rolled, leaving Freeman and a friend to take the car with the jaws of life.

Despite surgery to repair nerve damage, it was left him with a useless left hand. The rigidity is gripped by a compression glove mostly to make sure there is no blood pool. This is a clip, her pain, ice took a relatively useless member. He does not like the show, but there are times when it can not help to get lost in an endless smile. This is a great move, so outside of man’s general behavior, he has the impression of acting.

“It’s fibromyalgia,” he said when queried. “Up and down the arm. It’s so bad. Invaluable. ”

This means that Morgan Freeman can not fly jets as usual, a hobby he took seventy-five years. You can not navigate, too. There was a time when it was going to go to the Caribbean and to hide for two or three weeks at a time. “It was a complete isolation,” he said. “It was the best way for me to find calm, because I found the time to read.” No more. You can not trust an arm. You can not drive, not a stick anyway, not like he used to – it’s fast, very open and dedicated to what the car can do. And it can not go up much, but once he rode every day.

Never mention this as a loss, but how could it be anything else? He never insinuates himself injustice. “It is necessary to change as these. I have to move on to other things, other designs myself. I play golf. I’m always working. And I can be very happy to walk the earth. ”
Wait. How can you play golf with a wing cut like that? How can you manage a club when you can not lift your arms?
“I play with one hand,” he told me. “I weighed my right arm.”
How does it work for you?
“See for yourself,” he said. “I play at 3 pm today.”

Freeman of the revelation that he fibromyalgia is spreading like powder lice by the FM community. Finally, here’s a celebrity list A grateful that she had been diagnosed with FM. A handful of other celebrities have had the courage to talk about their FM, so we are very grateful, but so far no one has had the power to superstar Morgan Freeman.
result of the image of Morgan Freeman with the MIC
Almost immediately FM patients and advocates have started by asking Freeman to speak for other people with fibromyalgia. We got used to say that a large national organization FM approached your spokesperson. While most of the FM community seem to strongly support this idea, some have questioned the wisdom of Freeman as FM spokesman.

From what I read, those who hesitate on Freeman’s portrayal of FM community seem to have three concerns:
Do you really fibromyalgia because it does not mention that the pain in the shoulder and left arm?
He is still very active and could therefore present an inaccurate picture of how FM can be debilitating.
Like most people with FM are women, as a man, they would not be representative of most patients.

A closer look at each of these concerns.
Do you really have fibromyalgia? – I must admit that the first time I read the article, I also asked if they had been properly diagnosed. But when I read it again, I realized that, as he said, “Up and down the arm. It’s so bad. Impossible. “His statement, ‘This is where it gets so serious. It seems that you are likely to have another pain, but it’s worth in your arm that is the worst. For many years, I could have made a similar statement about the left hip. Even though I had pain all over my body almost all the time, it was the pain in my hip that was usually the worst.

It should also be recalled that the purpose of this meeting was not to discuss fibromyalgia Freeman. The author has just noticed Freeman make faces several times and asked him about it. It is likely that Freeman mentions that the pain he felt at that time. Or maybe it did not examine more details, but during the writing of this article, Chiarella has chosen to include only what she felt more important.

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