More than 70% of patients with chronic pain believe that people do not believe in their pain, according to the results of a year-end survey published by the national association Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Association (United States).

78% of respondents do not believe that people should learn to live with pain, while 77% live in fear of not being able to find health care to control their pain. The results of the opinion poll imply that pain diseases are generally poorly understood by the public.

“The alteration of life with chronic pain is real, and it’s a public health crisis,” said Jan Chambers, president of the NFCPA. “We can no longer ignore the disease of chronic pain; Public understanding and effective pain relief are needed now. ”

NFCPA, a global community that supports people with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain diseases, is focused on reducing the stigma of pain diseases and eradicating barriers to care through education.

“Untreated pain like fibromyalgia has a devastating impact on individuals, families, communities and our nation,” said Chambers.

85.5% of patients reported feeling that people do not understand that chronic pain decreases quality of life.

A total of 5,625 of the NFCPA constituents responded to the survey.

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