Fibromyalgia, silent pain

The pain is when, at night, you wake up in a subtle stiffness in the forearm. Pain is when, at the beginning of a malaise of the awake hip. Pain is when you wake up in the busy night, you realize that your body does not meet the expectations you for the day and the world is on your shoulders painful.

Every morning is the same every night the same. The dream disappears when you lie down knowing that you need to rest to regain strength and you do not get it. Shake in bed with the certainty that, at some point, you get sick and also with certainty that the dream that you get will not be restful.
You want to think it is just a number, a bad season, work overload. But when the pain persists and becomes habitual, painkillers are not effective enough to eliminate the pain and get used to this discomfort, you start to think that something is not working well.
You do not know what is happening and you are angry and moody with periods of depression or anxiety. Excessive noise disturbs, insufficient attention appears and sometimes you forget the obvious. Gaps in the time lost in a space that you think you have not tried or has not taken place and extreme fatigue takes the body in which you live. The arbitrary and persistent pain is carefully located in the body and makes it unable in many occasions, to perform normal daily life. Too many different symptoms for nothing to happen. Worry, and shake to the people around you.
medical visits, diffuse diagnoses. A yes, but no. Looking for other options, other problems. A disease is diagnosed, the rejection of other diseases? You are right!. A chronic disease but not degenerative. An emotional illness in silence. A disease fibromyalgia.
Controversy in the medical community about fibromyalgia, because when we think of the emotional, psychological and mental components, they can be as subjective as the same pain, even if it is real. And yours. emotional pain that is installed in your body and it responds to physical pain, fatigue, sadness.

A new day is fun and, like the Titans, like Atlas, now you get the weight of the universe on your back, so that heaven and earth are not.

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