Fibromyalgia Mystery solved – Researchers are the main source of pain in the blood vessels

Do you experience muscle pain and constant fatigue? There is a good chance that you suffer from fibromyalgia. As many as 5 million Americans who are aged 18 or over are affected by it. Women are the main targets of this chronic disease, affecting up to 90% of them, and it is very difficult to treat.

Brandon Marji, Staff Writer

For many years, research has shown that pain and tiredness just be “among the patients head. “It has been characterized as a psychosomatic disorder, which means that it is caused by mental factors that attribute to the imagination of a person.

Many people complain of pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. But no research has been able to identify what causes this pain. Until now! Recent research has finally determined that the pain is actually not just a fantasy, but in reality caused by a sensory nerve in the blood vessels found in the palms!

The dynamics of scientific embedded tissues were responsible for the study. They found that the fibers that were supposed to be solely responsible for the blood circulation in the skin are also responsible for touch sensing and pain.

To be sure of their results, the team conducted a study to see if they could locate a disease in the blood vessels that could also contribute. After analyzing skin samples they collected women who suffered from fibromyalgia, they discovered that there was a sharp increase in sensory fibers at some sites in blood vessels of the skin.

These nerves are part of the arteriole-venule shunts, which are responsible for the thermal regulation in our bodies by controlling blood flow in our blood vessels. In hot conditions, the closed shunts which forces blood into the surface of the skin so it can be released.

In cold conditions, the shunts open and allow the veins to retain heat, so our hands and feet become cold.


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