Fibromyalgia: “Mourning your life before”

As part of World Fibromyalgia Day, an information stand will be held Saturday, May 12, at the Blois hospital.

For nearly four years, Annie Foucher, head of the Loir-et-Cher branch of the Fibromyalgic Association of Central Region and herself affected by the disease, has been leading discussion and support groups. This moment allows the word to free itself. “Patients come with their loved ones. Men and young people dare to take the plunge. Often, new aspects of the pathology are evoked, “ says Annie Foucher.
“You never know what will be done tomorrow”Recognized by the High Health Authority since 2010, fibromyalgia is characterized by a diffuse muscular pain state, requiring a morning unlocking, evolving chronically, associated with permanent fatigue and sleep disorders. On the occasion of the world day dedicated to this syndrome, a stand will be held in the lobby of the Simone-Veil hospital in Blois, Saturday, May 12, from 11 am to 18 hours.
“This disease is never developed by chance. It often happens after a physical or psychological shock, harassment, a feeling of abandonment … Until the day we are told that you are sick and that you will never recover,  coward Annie Foucher. Then you have to mourn your life before. ” These moments of exchanges between people with fibromyalgia are also an opportunity to share tips for living better with the disease: by asking his doctor to go see a physiotherapist, following a spa treatment, practicing sophrology, followed by a center for assessment and treatment of pain …  “Inactivity is not the solution, but it should not too much to do. Everyone must balance his strength and pain that keeps moving. You never know what will be done tomorrow. It’s up to us to find adapted activities, enough to occupy our brain so that it no longer thinks of pain. ” 
The head of the antenna Loir-et-Chériennes the association wants to bring a message of hope: “We sick can still do a lot of things. Our brain is not reached. Being hypersensitive, take advantage of all the small pleasures that come to us. “
If today the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is faster, care in long-term condition is not at the rendezvous.
Contact: Annie Foucher, tel. or Fibromyalgia Association of the Central Region, tel. The next speaking groups will take place on September 25 and December 4, at the Blois hospital center.

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