Fibromyalgia: How do you live if it all hurts?

Chronic pain, fatigue, sleep problems, muscle stiffness, anxiety, depression. There’s something else: yes, you learn to live with it

Fibromyalgia (FM)   since simultaneous and apparently showed symptoms that are not associated with each other    but that fit the puzzle pieces due to the lack of remission and to diagnose due to the emergency day was significant the sum of the whole is a difficult disease.


In the early stages, it  can be confused with other diseases such as hypothyroidism, depression,    chronic fatigue syndrome    or  other disorders    involving some degree of    pain  .

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Until then, a journey of doctors and specialists, without tests, and many days during the process, was very tanned and meant not to get out of bed.

FM, the most obvious and most significant   generalized pain   , although it is a syndrome caused by a variety of symptoms    , so that “everything hurts” and does not cease to occur continuously.

Other symptoms like fatigue,  problems,  lack of  sleep   and muscle rigidity are added to this pain. If it is not enough, however, headaches, painful rules, numbness, spasms and anxiety symptoms were considered as secondary to psychological problems such as depression also seen regularly.

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In fact, the diagnosis remains always delayed, because all these symptoms “when stabilized” that is verified due to incorporate remission and sometimes aggravate or add new conditions.

Part of the reason for the delay is unknown reasons, but the truth is,   typically between the ages of 20-50   the   woman   ‘s illness is considered as despite the first signs of doubt about the diagnosis there is some resistance.  The truth is, in fact    .

In this sense, Dr.    Javier Rivera    , Madrid, Spain General University Hospital specialize in Gregorio Marañón in fibromyalgia, “says    occurred in the past 20 years has seen the most significant progress and is a disease recognized 20 years ago, the patient is crazy, hysterical , benign marks unstable. 

Checks the data, FM is    female disease: it    affects 20 women per man    , but it is known exactly why it is unknown. Perhaps the most rational explanation is to associate it with a hormonal problem, but at the moment there is no definite scientific result.

4 keys to live with   

The first lesson of learning to live with fibromyalgia, according to experts, inevitably some aspects of our life conditioning   a chronic illness  that   is accept   .

Despite possible limitations, there are strategies to help deal with the disease in order to achieve the best quality of life and learn to live with it:

  1. Access to the necessary medical care    is essential, but at the same time, participation in the correct monitoring of the patient’s treatment ensures the control of the symptoms. In addition, getting  a healthy lifestyle  with a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and seems to be contraindicated, provides great benefits to the overall situation as it is necessary to perform  light and  regular physical activities . women.
  2. Having   the  support  of  family and friends  and understanding them is a key part of the process, but it is very difficult to measure the degree of the disease. One of the recommendations made by experts is that close relatives go to the patient for medical exams to have direct information about the patient and their results.
  3. Being a member of a patient association    is one of the most motivating elements from the psychological point of view, as it has been proven that sharing this experience with the people you live in provides relief. Loneliness   and isolation are not good fellow travelers and no one feels that this is not the only one to relax. The associations also have legal and consulting services and organize activities to promote participation: organization of conferences and conferences, therapeutic groups, training workshops, etc.
  4. Psychological attention    is essential because the psychological impact of the disease is high. Anxiety    and    depression are the    most common pathologies. Interruption of activities and tendency to negative thoughts cause more discomfort, affecting both pain and other symptoms of the disease.

All women with fibromyalgia  say they have had varicella before and after  fibromyalgia    ,  because they were active and did everything.

Unexpectedly, they are immersed in a new way of life and have the feeling of depriving themselves of the best deprivation possible. They can not even do half and everything costs more than double, sometimes not.

It is understood that learning to live with pain is a force of great will and power, since they are definitely the forces that empower us   . You have to try every day and do not throw towels.

If we want to  live despite fibromyalgia,   to see them and try to get rid of the traffic jams   , we keep and keep good things for us.  

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