FIBROMYALGIA: Finally recognized by the Health Insurance

Fibromyalgia France is satisfied with the publication on the website of the Insurance a “plug fibromyalgia” disease to have a formal and reliable document syndrome.

After the publication in 2007 of the report of the National Academy of Medicine, in 2010 the guidance of the High Authority of Health report, and pending the collective expertise of the current Inserm (1st half 2018) , Fibromyalgia France had expressed its wish to see an official available to the general public towards which refer patients, professionals and the media.

Indeed, because of the various contradictory or alarmist information published on the internet, sources of concern for the sick and skepticism for health professionals, medical experts and the public, to the Association, as professionals and patients it was essential to have a reliable source document to the validated and widely distributable size.

Fibromyalgia France had expressed such a request during talks for several years CNAMTS, the Directorate General of Health (both directions of the Ministry of Health) and the HAS. In April 2017 we had confirmation that a “request for recommendations on the diagnosis and medical management of fibromyalgia syndrome” requested by health insurance (in 2016 when the parliamentary inquiry) in the work program of the HAS 2017 was in the process of registration. ”


It is with satisfaction  that the Association, who has campaigned for 16 years for accurate information on fibromyalgia, welcomes the publication on the website Health Insurance which is divided into 4 parts: definition and causes, symptoms and diagnosis, treatment, living with fibromyalgia.

Thus this form fibromyalgia should also allow end our speech be credible to  the “fibrosceptiques” too many, the primary purpose of improving the quality of life of chronic pain patients.


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