Living with pain every day: this is how people with fibromyalgia spend their days

They are severe generalized musculoskeletal pain and the treatment is a combination of resources ..  The testimony of Moisés Aguirre

Moisés Aguirre jokes that his wife has “a lover” whom he calls ‘ Dolores ‘. And it is that he  suffers from fibromyalgia , a chronic disease of which the cause is not known, which is characterized by  strong  generalized musculoskeletal pain , due to an imbalance in the neurotransmitters of the nervous system. It is a rare case, since in 9 out of 10 cases the affected ones are women.

“I always had symptoms, what happens when you don’t visit a doctor you don’t realize what you have. They diagnosed me when I could not bear the pain , they sent me to do a series of analyzes, resonances, tomographies and everything and based on that the result came out, “he said in an interview with  CONBIENESTAR . After suffering a stroke, he became deaf and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

His wife Natalia laughs when her husband teases her about his lover. ” Moses was a very active person, nervous, pure dynamite ,” he recalled. The pain of his partner, with whom he has been for 12 years and has two children, prevented him from enjoying a simple hug because he felt that he was receiving a blow.

However, Moisés explained that with the treatment the change was substantial in his quality of life: “ With the medication I notice a difference in my body , the issue is that it is so painful what one tries not to stay as not to get cold . Pain is the fundamental basis of the disease, another symptom is bad mood, chest pain, anguish. Likewise, there is a time when the medication helps a lot, those moments are the ones you have to know how to cope with, because between the pain and the psychological issue it helps a lot ”.

With his positivism, he assumed that there are things that he had to put aside due to his illness: “First, the pain does not allow you to do many things that you have been doing. For example, I used to work with the air conditioners and today I can’t do it because it doesn’t give me the strength of my body and it doesn’t give me the security of my body to lift equipment and hang it up. Another thing is that I wear glasses, that shortened my eyesight a lot, I realized yesterday when my children and my sister-in-law asked me to draw them, because  I love to draw and I am a good draftsman, and it is very difficult for me to see . That is what brings illness to a bad mood, sentimentality, it is the permanent change of state that you have to know how to carry because where it loosens up, where it falls ”.

The symptoms

Dr. Nieves Capozzi (MN 51850), head of the Rheumatology Section of the Hospital Nacional Posadas, listed all the symptoms that someone suffering from this pathology may have: “ It does not damage the joint structure even though the patient feels pain in the joints , it is a pain that overwhelms him. Generally takes points (“tender points”) and does not discriminate between the upper and lower body, everything hurts. They have sleep disorders, a non-restorative sleep, the patient falls asleep but does not rest, gets up as tired as he / she went to bed, and feels like this all day. Those paresthesia that he has is a sensation like tingling, temperature disorders or strange changes that he feels in his hands and sometimes in his spies. All this is accompanied in general by emotional disorders ”.

The rheumatologist warned that the first specialist to be consulted is the medical clinician to  rule out any pathology with organ damage  that can cause this type of pain, in the appropriate case she will refer to the rheumatologist to continue with the diagnosis.

Existing treatments

Treatment consists of several pillars: the  pharmacological one , which has several scales; the  support fisiatría and kinesiology ; the  aerobic exercise that much better symptomatology; and  psychotherapeutic support . “It is a multidisciplinary support of the entity”, specified the rheumatologist.

Capozzi pointed out that in this process one can lose faith in its effectiveness: “It is a long treatment, quite long. And in the course of this treatment  sometimes the patient loses expectations , sometimes the doctor too, because the improvement of symptoms is slow and appears with the concurrence of all the pillars of treatment. When the patient engages with his physical activity, he comes to the kinesio sessions, works the body, attends the psychologist or support groups and complies with the indicated medication “.


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