6 painless fibromyalgia symptoms that often go unnoticed

The pain of fibromyalgia can easily derail your whole life. This is an agonizing experience and seemingly ending that leaves you unable to do things that others take for granted. But while this pain is the most notable symptom and one that usually sends people to the doctor for the first time, there are many painless symptoms of fibromyalgia.

And because many of these symptoms are not things that people usually associate with fibromyalgia, they often go unnoticed, which can delay getting a diagnosis. So here are some painless fibromyalgia symptoms you need to watch.

6 painless symptoms of fibromyalgia

Fibro fog

One of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia painless – and difficult to recognize – is called the “fibrous fog.” Essentially, it’s a kind of mental fog that occasionally affects people with fibromyalgia and resulting in a range of mental disorders symptoms.

Usually the fibro fog makes it difficult to focus on daily tasks and makes you forget the simple details that you just learned. It is not uncommon for someone with fibro fog do something like leaving her house keys in the door or spend half an hour looking their mobile phones to realize that this is in their hand.

You might even forget the names of people you just met, which can be very embarrassing. But these are all things that happen to everyone from time to time, making it difficult to immediately associate this symptom in fibromyalgia. But if you are still having focus problems, it is possible that you are suffering from fibro fog.


Anxiety is another common symptom of fibromyalgia indomitable. Unfortunately, everyone feels anxious from time to time and many people in the world suffer from anxiety disorders. For example, 18% of all Americans struggle daily with severe anxiety, making it the most common mental illness in the country.

But the persistent anxiety is also associated with fibromyalgia. And that means that if you are having panic attacks or feelings of fear regularly, you might have the condition.


of frequent bowel movements

The irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects about 10% of the world population. And it is characterized by a wide range of problems with your intestines. This can make you constipated or do the opposite and make you bad diarrhea. This is actually a much bigger problem than the name might suggest.

However, fibromyalgia can often result in symptoms similar to IBS. And people with fibromyalgia often end up feeling constipated or have frequent bowel movements.

So if you go often in the bathroom (or not often enough), you may suffer from fibromyalgia.

frequent urination

Another strange symptoms of fibromyalgia painless but is frequent urination. Essentially, someone who suffers from this symptom found to have an uncontrollable need to urinate frequently, no matter how little they drink or how often they go.

And although it does not seem to be a serious problem, imagine having to urinate very badly but can not get up because of your severe fibromyalgia pain. Or imagine having a little sleep, you can interrupt by a need to use the bathroom. This causes frequent urination is a symptom rather unpleasant.


Itching is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia painless and is one of the most irritating. In fact, some people with fibromyalgia démanient that is worse than the pain. Essentially, it is a feeling of bugs lying around on your skin or severe itching that you can not just heal.

No amount of creams or lotions seems to really help and just let your bloody scrape skin without any relief. Of course, few people immediately associate itching to fibromyalgia, which makes it very easy to overlook symptoms.

Tingling or numb hands and feet

In addition to the pain of fibromyalgia, this causes other sensations in your body. One of the most common is a touch in your hands or feet. You probably recognize the feeling as you feel when your members “fall asleep”.

It is a feeling of numbness in the limb followed by a sensation of pins and needles as the feeling comes back. But while everyone has a member fall asleep occasionally after sleeping or sitting on it, the feel of fibromyalgia can occur at any time and is usually overlooked by people suffering from the disease.

Fibromyalgia causes a range of symptoms, and most are easy to miss if you’re not careful. So always make sure to carefully review the symptoms and consult a doctor if you become severe.

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