Resilience, be strong despite the storms

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There are people who are characterized by their great capacity for resilience. Precisely those who have as a weapon their ability to remain afloat in the face of difficulties and as main support the vision of the difficulty as learning.

They know that immunity to suffering is impossible and they understand that the storms that make our days dark are also opportunities to overcome. So they are armed with courage and continue, having as a mantra to continue to grow, despite the adversities.

“When there is a storm, the little birds hide but the eagles fly higher.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-

Be resilient on a day-to-day basis

Resilience is a concept that has acquired great relevance in recent years.Especially from those perspectives, such as positive psychology, which are more interested in investigating what are the characteristics that allow people to overcome adversity, leaving in the background the understanding of those factors that increase the likelihood of a mental disorder .

Being resilient from psychology is being able to face adversity and emerge strengthened.

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When we talk about resilience we usually think of traumatic events , such as the loss of a loved one, surviving an accident or situations of abuse … But in our day to day there are also complex situations that we have to face. There is no need for a catastrophe to happen, to overcome any daily difficulties such as facing criticism, getting ahead or starting the day with a smile after a time of sadness is also being resilient.

We all have our own battles to deal with and our own resources to deal with them in one way or another, we just have to discover them.

Characteristics of resilient people

There are people who are resilient because they have had an example of resilience to follow, such as their parents or a sibling, but others have learned to deal with and overcome the stones of the road on their own: they have learned from trial and error, it has been done strong from their own scars.

This tells us that resilience is a skill that we can all develop and therefore practice.  For this, it is necessary to properly manage our thoughts and emotions. Channeling them through the channel that gives us more control over them is fundamental.

Here are some of the main characteristics of resilient people so you can start training them.

1. They know how to adapt to changes

Resilient people have as reeds the ability to be flexible when the wind whips hard. They know that going against circumstances will make them lose energy and choose to have an open mind before different opinions and circumstances.

They detach from their old beliefs, prejudices and insecurities to dress with new costumes that accompany them in times of change. But they do not adapt by resignation but because they know that there are other different worlds that are not wrong because they are different.

“Water defeats everything, because it adapts to everything.”



2. They rely on their strengths

Resilient people know each other. They know what it is that hurts and bothers them and they understand that the fundamental support of their well-being depends on taking care of themselves. Resilient people know how to identify their weaknesses but also their strengths to implement them when necessary.

They will use their desire to fight, their motivation, their effort and their skills as the foundation to move forward. But, above all, they respect themselves and take into account because they know that knowing each other is the fundamental step to grow and establish healthy relationships with others.

“Each person is an island in itself, in a very real sense, and can only build bridges to other islands if he really wants to be himself and is willing to allow it.”

-Carl Rogers-

3. They know that accepting is necessary to advance

Resilient people know that acceptance is the allied companion of advancement and change . Because only when we accept what happens to us can we start working to improve it. Otherwise, if we deny it, all we do is give it more strength.

Resilient people know that accepting is understanding and facing, not giving up.

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4. They consider that nobody is immune to suffering

Being resilient does not mean that a person does not have wounds, but in spite of them the adverse situation has been instructive in some way. He has been able to accept the pain and instead of immersing himself in it, he has chosen to learn.

Resilient people know that shielding themselves and protecting themselves from pain will not always work for them, since running away would take them away from the possibility of understanding what happens to them and keep growing.

As you see, being resilient can be learned and trained. In fact, it would have to be a fundamental teaching in schools. It is always worth learning strategies to improve and keep growing and resilience is that ability that allows us to be strong despite the wind whipping hard, adapting as best as possible to the potholes that make up losses, disappointments, traumas and the failures.

You are also resilient, do not forget it or is it that you have not overcome any difficulty or situation in your life? Think and remember that time you were brave and despite the fear, you threw yourself into the pool …

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