Fibromyalgia, Why I’m So Angry and Frustrated

Maybe it’s the condescending way your partner talks to you, when what you need is strength and support, or maybe it’s the fact that the phone vendors call you three times a day, and you can no longer answer another call telephone 

These small incidences are part of a bigger problem, but they are still a valid contributor to the anger you feel.Making changes and identifying their triggersI am a firm believer that if you do not like something as it is, you must make a change. Obviously, this has restrictions. I do not like the fact that I have fibromyalgia, but I can not change it. However, what I can change is the way I think about it, and the way I choose to face it.Having taken notes, and identified the things that trigger your anger, it’s time to start finding ways to address it and avoid it. Taking the examples above, if your partner’s behavior is causing your anger, you should ask him how he prefers to feel supported.Taking control of your triggers can be a way to reduce the amount of anger you feel, or how often you feel it.Just breathe and find your inner calm.As a person who is prone to ranting, it is not easy for me to connect with my inner calm. However, I know that it is an essential coping strategy for patients with fibromyalgia because it not only relieves anger; It relieves anxiety and depression and often also reduces the frequency of outbreaks.The trick here is to make sure you find YOUR inner calm, not the calm that works for someone else. 

Annoyingly, this takes time, and it means you have to work, but it’s worth it. I spent a lot of time thinking that my inner calm could be at the end of a meditation class, or in the depths of a yoga retreat.After three yoga classes and two meditation attempts, I realized that they were slow and I got angry. Oh, the irony! I am sarcastic and impatient, so meditation, even if possible, is not for me. Some find calm in a bath with relaxing candles, but I’m more of a shower girl, so that did not work for me either.It takes time to find out where to find your inner calm, but it is a journey worth undertaking, because when you begin to recognize the signs of anger, you should know that there is a place within you that you can go to.Do not be afraid to ask for helpThis is another common coping strategy for people living with fibromyalgia in general, but it is really important when it comes to controlling your anger.Often, when we get angry, we scream and become aggressive and intimidating. People stop listening to words and only see anger, so you have to make sure you explain what angers you and what you do to overcome it. This could be as easy as talking to your family, but if you struggle to control your emotions, then it may be useful to seek professional help.This could mean talking to your doctor or attending anger management classes, but there are also a number of mental health support groups and online forums that could give you the exit you need to talk about your anger.The important thing is to address your anger. Do not move it away, the monster of rage will lurk in the background, and it will come back  twice  as angry.Thanks for reading!

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