About 70% of those affected with fibromyalgia suffer from chest and chest pains as a result of costochondritis. It is an inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs with the sternum, and when the pain manifests, it is very common to confuse it with that caused by certain cardiac problems. Symptoms of costochondritis: Acute pain very similar to that which occurs during a heart attack. It gets worse after trying, deep breathing or sneezing. Decrease with slow breaths and rest. The pain radiates to the back of the neck and shoulders. It appears and disappears according to the day. It affects the section of ribs located between the 2nd and 5th. Difficulty moving the upper part of the body. Rapid heart rate Irregular heart rhythm. Difficulty breathing. The relationship between the two diseases is not known, but fibromyalgia is prone to suffer from costochondritis, which is exacerbated by other fibromyalgia pains. Anyway, if you have these symptoms, you always have to go to a doctor to rule out heart problems. Once these are discarded, it is treated like any other inflammation (ice, anti-inflammatories). There are different guidelines that can be followed if the pain is very strong: -Avoid episodes of stress and rest to reduce its effects. -Avoid activities that cause tensions. -Attach ice bags with humid heat bags for 20 minutes. – Warm baths, at key moments, to relax the muscles. -Massages that help loosen the muscles of the neck and shoulders.


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