As we know, fibromyalgia comes with a wide variety of symptoms. The amount of symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. I would not say there was not any of the symptoms that makes it easy living with fibromyalgia; However, I think some are not as hard as others.

One of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that I personally find it more difficult to live is “fibro fog”, also known as “brain fog”: short-term memory problems and inability to focus or concentrate. My husband laughed when I say, “Communication has always been one of my strengths!” Those who know me best would most likely find humor that statement because they know how I like to talk! I can not see the humor from their point of view, but sometimes it makes me want to cry.

The “fibro fog” seems to define, in the worst case, when my pain level is alto.Me hard to find my words or I forget what I’m saying mid-sentence. Sometimes stuttering, mispronouncing words or say something that seems completely off topic. People respond to statements that make no sense at all. I learned to write things down and use my calendar too – more than ever. On my better days, I try to laugh at myself and laugh to laugh at my words. In my worst days, I break into tears, feeling like a part of me is gone. Sometimes I tried to express it to others and have responded with “what happens to us all!” Or “do that too.” They just do not get it. It is more than the occasional “I walked into a room and forgot what I went for.

Writing, reading and writing are sometimes difficult, even if these are the things that were easy for me. I am constantly re-reading to understand what I’m reading or writing, or spelling words, then looking for them because they do not look right – sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. The concentration can also be difficult. Want to focus on someone talking to me or what I’m doing, it can be an extremely difficult task. Sometimes I feel that in order to learn to live with fibromyalgia, you have to mourn the loss of its former self, as it changes many aspects of your life.

The other fibromyalgia symptoms that I find most difficult to live – that’s when I’m stressed and when I overdo physical – is the burning sensation of my skin. Some describe it as a feeling as if your skin is badly burned. I often describe it as feeling like you are in a house fire. Before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia who often used the word “burning” to describe my sorrow for my husband. He always thought it was an odd choice of descriptive word to describe my dolor.No was not until after my diagnosis and research of fibromyalgia that both understood this kind of pain and my choice of words.

Some say the descriptive word “burn” when used to describe the pain is only people understand fibromyalgia. I’m not sure that is the case, but I know that for me is a commonly used word and live with the symptoms almost daily. There are so many triggers that fibromyalgia symptoms. Something as simple as not getting enough sleep can make my body feel good. I would not say it’s just my burning skin, but more as if from the inside out. An annoying conversation can affect me for days, sometimes more time.We can be affected by a strong smell, which is overwhelming barking, excessive of our dog or hit your elbow on something. (Although excessive barking of our dog can cause an undesirable symptom, unconditional love and companionship make it a price to pay.Too much physical activity is the trigger for this symptom has been more difficult for me to adjust


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