My mother has fibromyalgia. Reading this made me cry for her

Chronic pain is becoming more frequent nowadays.

However, chronic pain and chronic diseases are often invisible. In many cases there are no plasters, visible rashes or nasal discharge involved.

Patients with chronic pain often appear “normal,” perhaps just a little more fragile or sad than the average.

I suffered from chronic headaches for four and a half years and chronic hip pain for two and a half years.

He often seemed depressed, disinterested and angry, when he was simply suffering.

There were many days when I could not get out of bed. After a conversation it became difficult at times.

I lost a job because of my pain. I canceled the plans and ignored the friends.

I felt misunderstood and alone. I was suffering. I know the answer was there and, finally, I cured myself.

However, at that moment I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs everything that all people with chronic pain want you to know:

1.   Just because you can not see it, does not mean that you do not have pain.

2. It’s   not all in my head.

3. It’s   not just the flu. It will not disappear in a week.

4.   Please, never say: “Just do not think about that.” Being in constant pain is impossible.

5.   Hugs can do magic. Then they are good messages. I need to know you’re here for me.

6.   Thank you for sharing the “magic cure” about which you have read online. Believe me, I’ve heard about that, and if it was relevant, I’ve tried.

7.   I am trying   very   hard to live a normal life.

8.   I try my damned best not to cancel plans and never cancel plans, if I had a choice.

9.   I can not get out of that.

10.   Some days are better, some days are worse. Some days I even feel almost normal, other days I can not even get out of bed.

11.   I worry about you. I want to know about your life and your dreams. I want you to be happy and healthy.

12.   My chronic pain is different from other people’s chronic pain. All diseases and pain symptoms are unique. Our experiences may differ, but we are all suffering and can relate.

13.   Please, do not try to convince me to drink something and “live a little”. All I want is to live a little, actually, live a lot. A drink, however, is the last thing on my mind.

14.   If I look depressed or bored, it means that I’m really in pain and doing everything possible to look happy and normal.

15.   I really can not explain how chronic pain feels. However, I can not say: “You will know it once you have it”, because I would never want anyone to feel so much suffering.

16.   I need a lot of sleep. But sleeping can be difficult with so much pain and, often, it still leaves me exhausted.

17. The   fact that you have chronic pain does not mean you know how to handle it or live with it.

18.   Sometimes I feel like I’m in a prison, living someone else’s life.

19.   I still have interests, passions, goals and dreams.

20.   I do not want you to forget me. I do not want you to give up on me.

21.   I have not abandoned the healing yet. Deep down, I know there is (or will be) an answer out there.

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