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If someone could give you a vaccine to cure your fibromyalgia, would you do it? This  may  seem like  a  dream  ,  but  is  closer  to  the  reality  that  you  are doing  the  thinking    Los Angeles-based biomedical company EpicGenetics and  Massachusetts General Hospital researchers get  approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct a clinical trial  next year to test Bacillus  Calmette-Guerin (BCG) )   vaccine  as  treatment possible  from  the fibromyalgia

BCG is a generic TB vaccine that is almost 100 years old and has been safely administered millions of times, “said Dr. Denise Faust, head of the Fausto Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our research group at Massachusetts General Hospital is actively studying the role BCG vaccine can play in the treatment of various forms of autoimmunity. Our current approach is type 1 diabetes, but BCG is generally tested in a variety of autoimmune diseases. Over the next two years, we will begin clinical trials on fibromyalgia with BCG.


According to  the  organization  world  of  the  health  ,  most  of the  100  million  children           they receive  the  BCG  vaccine  every  year  It is   used  mainly  in  the  countries   in   development  where  the  TB is  still  active  The  vaccine  BCG  n                     it  is  available  for  the   United States   in  that  the  low  risk  of  infection  In  the  US  ,  the  BCG  is  used  in  a  small  number  of  patients  to  treat  the  cancer  of  the  bladder  .                               


As   a result  ,  the  issue  is  ,  of course  ,  why  a  vaccine  for  a  disease  infectious  lung  is  used  for  the  fibromyalgia  The  answer  lies  in  the  immune  system  .                        


Vaccines are usually given to healthy people to prevent infection. In this case, however, the BCG vaccine would be given to patients with fibromyalgia for the purpose of suppressing their symptoms.


When EpicGenetics was commissioned to create a diagnostic test for fibromyalgia several years ago, the researchers performed all kinds of lab tests on patients with fibromyalgia to understand how they differed from the control of the subjects and what could be the because of their symptoms. Researchers have discovered several abnormalities of white blood cells in patients with fibromyalgia, which leads to the conclusion that the symptoms are associated with a weakened immune system.
We believe that [the term] fibromyalgia is a bad name, “said Dr. Bruce Gillis, CEO of EpicGenetics. These people will not suffer from anything that affects the muscles, for example. What they suffer is that their immune system can not produce normal amounts of protective proteins. … There are cells in the immune system called mononuclear peripheral blood cells. They do not produce normal amounts of protective proteins called chemokines and cytokines. “
The results led to the development of the fibromyalgia screening test by FM / ha. (  Yes  ,  in spite   of   what  his  doctors  have  can  tell  ,  it is  a  test  for  blood  in  the  fibromyalgia  !  It  n  ‘  simply  not  is  widely  accepted  in  the  health  of  the  community  .                            The test analyzes four levels of chemokines and cytokines found at reduced levels in patients with fibromyalgia. These four chemokines and cytokines turn out to be the same as those stimulated by the BCG vaccine.
“Given what has been published in the medical literature, we believe this vaccine will reverse immune system abnormalities [fibromyalgia],” said Gillis.
Gillis and Fauster seek FDA approval to administer the first BCG vaccines to fibromyalgia patients early next year.
”  C  ”  is  the  first  time  he   ‘s   done  a  treatment  directly  to  the  Fibromyalgia  ”  ,  says  Gillis  ”  As  you  know  ,  the  drugs  [  in  the  market  ]  for  the  fibromyalgia  will  treat  the  symptoms  .                                 They do not need to benefit from the immune system. [The drug companies] admit that they treat the symptoms, but you have to treat the disease, and that’s why we’re moving forward with the application of [FDA] vaccines.
Gillis if the theory is true, then “chemokines and cytokines that are deficient in fibromyalgia patients will not be deficient [after the BCG vaccine],” he said. Gillis’ production levels to normal, and you should assume when your symptoms go away. We believe   that   we are   at  the  dawn  of  something  important  .     
Because  of   that   the  vaccine  has  a  history  so  long  ,  not  be  expected  to           cause  the  greatest  side  effects  in  patients  .      
It is  expected  that  the  vaccine  BCG  costs  $ 20  $  –  $ 25  per  dose  –  a  quantity  pair  with  respect  to  the  expenses  common  to  the  taking  of  drugs  all   the   days  .                        
“We believe that a fibromyalgia sufferer suffers one or two maximum doses so you can understand why not give me a lot of support from pharmaceutical companies,” said mr. Gillis
In addition to vaccine testing, EpicGenetics is partnering with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine to sequence the genomes of up to 250,000 fibromyalgia patients.
“We are looking for any kind of genetic patterns or abnormalities or mutations,” he said. Gillis
Patients who test positive fibromyalgia using the FM / a test may participate in the genomic study.
The  test   of   FM  /  has  cost  now  $ 936  ,  but  is  covered  by  some  companies  of  insurance  and  insurance –  disease    The EpicGenetics Support Team helps patients determine if their insurance company will cover the exam. An interest-free payment plan is available for those who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover the exam.              
If  you want to  know  more  about  the  test  FM  /  a  ,  visit   Click here for more information on the EpicGenetics Fibromyalgia Genome Project and to study the BCG Vaccine. If  you  are  interested  in  having  the  evidence   of   FM  /  a  ,  please   re  fill out  the  form  to  request  to  the  page  of  welcome at  .                                                          If you  have any  issues  or  problems  more  with  the  submission  of the  form  ,  you can  send  an  e –  mail address  to  the  company  or  call   at   (  310  )  277-4600  .                     
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Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was diagnosed later with chronic Lyme disease. Donna  covers  the  news  ,  the  treatments  ,  the  research  and  the  practice  of  advice  for  living  better  with  the  fibromyalgia  and  of  Lyme  on  your  blog  ,                 You can also find it on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines in Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She  lives  in  the  Delaware  with  her  husband  and  their  many  babies  in  fur  .      

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