Fibromyalgia, why does it seem that nobody believes me?

Being sick is in itself a disgrace, but if there is someone who questions the veracity of our state, it is even more so. It is so regardless of who does it. What is more painful that my own family does not believe me or that it is the health professionals who treat me with skepticism? To this incomprehension have been facing for a long time the patients of fibromyalgia, that even to this day they are still asking themselves: why does it seem that no one believes me?


Why does fibromyalgia have such a complicated diagnosis?

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made mainly through the symptomatology reported by the patient . Although you can perform analytics to rule out other diseases, fibromyalgia is only detected through what the person who suffers from it.

The doctor can do consistent tests to apply pressure in sensitive areas for this disease . But equally it is the patient who will manifest feeling or not pain.

So the basis for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is only the story of the symptoms that the patient performs. This sometimes causes the distrust of doctors, fortunately in a small percentage of cases. Something more frequent is that the people we have around us distrust what we tell them . Not to mention when we tell our bosses that we have fibromyalgia or we are absent from our position because of it, here the strange thing is that our words are created.In addition to having to deal with the many symptoms of fibromyalgia, physical and psychological, in no case do we have to try to convince anyone that we really suffer from the disease.

That of course does not mean that, given the lack of knowledge that many of them may have about fibromyalgia, let’s not try to tell them what it is and what is more important, how we feel.

Advice if one of your friends or relatives suffers fibromyalgia

These points will be useful to share with those around you who do not know your illness:

  1. It is real. Although it is not a visible disease, it is real. Although the patient looks good, it is real, and although he strives to lead a normal life, it is still real.
  2. Watch out. Keep in mind that a physical overexertion can trigger a crisis, help it not to occur.
  3. It has no cure. You will have to learn to live with the person who has fibromyalgia, this disease will not disappear.
  4. It is not a whiner. Who suffers from this disease suffers severe pain, do not think that exaggerates the symptoms.
  5. It is variable. The fibromyalgia sufferer will have days that can lead an almost normal life, while others will have to get into bed due to the pains. Be understanding.
  6. Learn If you want to better understand who has fibromyalgia, study the subject in depth. A good option is to meet with the medical team that serves you.
  7. Communication. It is so important that the patient communicates with his relatives explaining how he feels, as well as that they also openly express their feelings.
  8. Quiet environment Stress greatly affects fibromyalgia patients, so try to at least at home not suffer it.
  9. Show your support. We all know that our family loves us, but we still like to be told. In the case of the disease something similar happens, your family member knows that he has you, but tell him.
  10. Judge. Do not think you always know how you feel or what you can do, do not act as a judge. Surely he is struggling to cope with the disease in the best way.

We hope these tips help those around you to better understand the disease, and you to feel better.

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