The mysticism of fibromyalgia is finally resolved! Please share this information with everyone you know!

For many years, fibromyalgia patients have suffered unexplained pain, as many doctors consider psychological or “in their head” and the mystery of fibromyalgia has been resolved.

Now the victims of fibromyalgia are validated. The researchers isolated the largest source of pain in these patients in unlikely places – excess blood vessels in their hands. 
These excess blood vessels are a special type of nerve fibers called shunt arterioles (AV). The researchers of the study, published in the journal Pain Medicine, examined the skin on the hand of a patient who had a lack of sensory nerve fibers, causing a reduced response to pain. They then examined skin samples from the hands of other fibromyalgia patients and found a large amount of shunt.

Until then, the AV bypass fibers were considered responsible for regulating blood flow. It has now been discovered that there is a direct path between these nerves and pain throughout the body that many patients suffer from fibromyalgia, so now we can vaguely say the mystery of fibromyalgia.

Siger Dr. Frank L. Rice, Neurociência,


We have already thought that these nervous changes were involved only in the regulation of blood flow on a subconscious level, but here are signs that the cessation of blood vessels can also contribute to our conscious sense of touch … and also to pain. This poorly controlled blood circulation can be a source of pain and muscle fatigue due to the accumulation of lactic acid and low levels of fibromyalgic disease in patients. This could again contribute to hyperactivity in the brain.

This discovery could lead to future effective treatments for the disease, as current treatments such as narcotic analgesics, antiepileptic drugs and antidepressants have failed to bring relief to millions of patients.

In addition, this breakthrough can lead to the solution of other boring problems on this mysterious disease, such as the reduction of fatigue, extreme pain in the hands and other specific points in the body, and why the cold seems to exacerbate the symptoms.

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